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Would you like to make cleaning, cooking and other chores around the house easier? Now you can, with Electrolux home products! Electrolux products and appliances can help you get the job done, all while saving you money, time and energy! Here are some of the ways our home products can help you be amazing around your home.

  • Eliminate odors from your refrigerator and freezer by using one of our air filtration systems. Choose from a PureAdvantage air filtration system or a Pureair air filter starter kit. Both air filters trap, neutralize and eliminate odors which are commonly found in refrigerators and freezers.
  • A PureAdvantage water filtration system is another great item offered in our Electrolux home products. When you install one of these water filters in your refrigerator it works to filter harmful chemicals and bacteria out of your drinking water. Install one today, and provide your family with fresher water and ice!
  • Cleaning is made stress-free with our line of ecosential by Smart Choice™ cleaning products. This line of environmentally friendly cleaners includes a stainless steel cleaner, smooth cooktop cleaner, kitchen surface, oven cleaner and more!
  • Hooking your refrigerator up to the waterline is simple, when using an Electrolux refrigerator installation kit!
  • Our Electrolux home products feature a variety of installation kits for all of your oven installation needs. Some of our oven installation kits include kits for installing a vent hood, over the range microwaves and more!
  • Cooking is easier with Electrolux! We have a variety of cookware designed to make preparing meals a breeze. For example, our cast iron griddle is made to fit specifically on top of your stove’s grates. Other Electrolux home products made to help you in the kitchen include a simmer plate, wok ring and much more!
  • Connecting your washing machine to the water supply valves has never been this easy! Electrolux Smart Choice washer installation kits come with all of the materials needed to connect a washing machine to the hot and cold water faucets.
  • We have an assortment of Electrolux home products to help you install a dryer. Some of these include a venting kit, gas connector and a dryer stacking kit.

Here at Electrolux, we take pride in providing you with great quality products at affordable prices. We had you in mind as we designed our innovative Electrolux products. Visit us today at Electrolux-Store.com, and allow us the pleasure of simplifying your life with Electrolux home products.

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