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Your home is a place for projects, relaxation, play, and most of all comfort. It is difficult to be comfortable when you go to sleep every night and wake up every morning with allergies. This is not a condition that you should suffer without action. A few basic tips and remembering to change your Electrolux PureAdvantage air filter and other home filters on time is usually enough to rid the home of allergens.

Identifying the Allergy

Many times people ascribe their allergies to pollen. While possibly the cause, there are other potential causes. You will never know for certain without allergy testing, and it is nearly impossible to be tested for every possible allergen in the air. Hence, you could be suffering from multiple allergies.

Getting Started

The best way to start addressing allergies is to change all your air filters using ones graded for the smallest particles, such as the Electrolux PureAdvantage air filter. Vacuum the home thoroughly only after wiping down hard surfaces with a wet rag. It's a good idea to keep the home's fan, and range hood fitted with the Electrolux PureAdvantage air filter, running during this time to catch airborne allergens. After cleaning the floors and hard surfaces, it is time to treat upholstered surfaces. This can be tricky, so you need to research fabrics and carefully read labels to avoid damaging your furniture.

The next step is to minimize the particles brought into the home. This is especially important in urban areas and rural locations where crop dusting is prevalent. Provide a place for anyone entering the home to store their shoes. A cubby just outside the door or inside the kitchen door is a good choice. Shoes pick up many allergens as people walk across parking lots, through stores, and in the yard. You will still need to vacuum and change your Electrolux PureAdvantage air filter every six months, but you should experience a reduction in allergies almost immediately.

Air filtration is extremely important in the home. When you're cooking, a range hood with the Electrolux PureAdvantage air filter will eliminate grease and other particles from the air.

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